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With an extensive database of galleries and collectors, My Art Broker offers a quick and easy way to sell work online. Listings are completely free and there are no time limits or registration as with other sites!


My Art Broker works on a commission basis, this can be looked at case by case however as a guide we use 12.5% from the seller which brings sale fees in line with Ebay (9.9%) plus the Paypal charge (3.4%) and 12.5% from the buyer which is taken directly from the list price you provide and will be the exact figure you receive from the sale. Many of the pieces we have, are listed on the basis of 'Make An Offer' against them and for this reason we list work 12.5% higher than the asking price which gives us room for client negotiation and does not reduce the price you will receive as a result.

Our fees cover all costs associated with the final sale including fully insured and tracked courier, listing fees and any payment costs incurred. For this reason we ask you not to advertise the listing on any other internet site for 90 days in order allow our marketing team sufficient time to find a buyer. Just follow the 4 easy steps below:


How to Sell Art

sell1Online Form
Click on the online form and complete as many details as possible to create a listing



sell2Sale Agreed
Once a sale is agreed you will be contacted and we will arrange payment with you using an Escrow service, we have an account set up with escrow.com who are used by Ebay, however we are happy to discuss should you have a different requirement.


A Courier will collect and deliver directly to the buyer - please keep all tracking details for your records


After 14 days, if the sale was successful you will receive confirmation of the sale and notification to transfer funds from the escrow to your account, otherwise the listing will be returned directly to you.







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